In our first full day here, tropical storm Lee is spinning off of the coast, enjoying its final days in the Gulf of Mexico. We’re seeing on the news that in some places (particularly Louisiana) this is causing a lot of issues with flooding. On the eastern end of the gulf coast, however, we’re just getting some insane tides and occasional significant rain storms.

Between the storms we’re running the kids down to the beach to let them play in the sand and get their little feet in the shallowest of the water. Bree has taken to all of it like a champ, diving into the sand to bury her feet and standing bravely against the waves with me. DJ, on the other hand, detests the whole notion and prefers to head back to the room to watch more of “Up”.

We’re going to try and keep the blog updated, which will be easy as long as there is a storm about. But once things clear up I make no promises other than some occasional pictures. 😉

Donnie and Bree

Mel and DJ


Written on September 4th, 2011 , Panama City Beach, Travel

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