I put the kids down for their afternoon nap and about 20 minutes later, Bree walks out and says she can’t sleep because there is a beeping noise in her room…I go to check it out and discover that it’s a chirping bird. Well of course we get into a lengthy discussion about what it means to chirp, where birds live, where does a bird egg come from, do birds get back in the egg every night, etc.
I got her laid back down and she presents her cute little self just a few minutes later and says to me “mom we just gonna have to kill that bird or something, it just won’t stop, it’s telling me thanks but it’s not a good time for you to sleep now!”

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Donnie plays flag football every Sunday. So me and the kiddies have a great time playing in the park, then when the game starts we head over to watch daddy play.






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I heard “wook mommy, I be careful”


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This is how the morning began…I should have suspected trouble.


And then this…


I walked in our bathroom to find him with my toothbrush and her with Donnie’s…


And then came the time for the products…



Nothing was affected too seriously except for lotion all over the toilet seat.  And now I’m sure you are asking yourself, “where was their mommy”, well she was hiding around all of the corners enjoying the show!  🙂

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The sound of tiny feet tromping through a wooded area is awesome…

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If you grow up in Alabama barbecue ribs are something you quite literally cut your teeth on. Witness, Bree (with a mouth full of teeth) and DJ (only four teeth so far) destroying some ribs.

We Garvichs take our rib eating seriously, and if you want to get into rib eating shape you’ve gotta start training early!

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Bree was pretty excited about getting to see Santa this year, constantly telling us that she wanted to sit in his lap.  She was excited, in fact, right up until about 10 seconds before she was supposed to actually have her picture made.  The situation ended up with me hanging with Santa and the kids hanging with me… but the picture still turned out pretty good!

Santa: 2010

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You know the rest. Enjoy the pictures. 🙂

Bree sporting her new shades

Bree sporting her shades

Bree sporting her new shades

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