Getting this posted has taken longer than I had hoped, my time has been spent on other things as anyone who is a parent can attest to.  But I did want to get a post up and online with an annoncement that our baby girl had been born and both baby and mommy are doing well with mommy well on her way to recovery.

So, without further delay, here are the stats:

Melanie Bree Garvich – Born at 2:36PM on September 15th, 2008
Weight: 8lbs
Length: 21 inches

I have a LOT of pictures on our camera’s memory cards but they’re huge and I haven’t had a chance to edit them to make them suitable for the blog.  For now, you can get some on the spot, candid shots of our little bundle of joy taken with my iPhone over on the right side of the blog.

Obviously, I’ll have higher quality pictures and more detailed articles available as soon as I can get around to it.  I took notes all day on her birthday so I would have plenty of details for an article, hopefully I’ll be able to turn those into an article really soon.  Until then, this will have to do!

Written on September 20th, 2008 , Announcements, Bree

Nervous excitement is probably the best way to describe what both Mel and I are feeling right now.  I’m told that’s the normal emotion, so I guess we’re normal (at least by that indication).

As most of those around us know, last Tuesday at Mel’s doctor’s appointment her doctor offered us the option to induce labor Monday morning at 5:00AM if Mel didn’t go into labor prior to that.  There’s little risk to mom’s or baby’s health otherwise, but Bree has already gotten pretty big and if we continue on she may be too big to deliver without a c-section.  With that in mind, we took the doctor up on her offer.

There have been several times in the last 6 days where we thought “now is the time” and have come to discover that it actually wasn’t.

When we agreed to the offer, 6 days seemed like such a long time.  It’s not.  Now we’re on the eve of heading to the hospital to get things underway and start a new chapter in our lives.  We’re excited… and nervous… and we’re really glad we have known for the last few days that we were approaching a deadline.  It has allowed us to hang out with family and make sure we spent some time together just being quiet, or watching TV, or anything else that has until this point seemed routine.

I’ll be posting here again within the next day or two and when I do it will be to announce the birth of our baby girl.  Until then, wish me luck not getting a black eye from Mel!

Written on September 14th, 2008 , Bree

Anyone who has been by the house lately has had a look at Bree’s room.  Mel and I both have quite eclectic tastes and Bree’s room reflects that.  However, until tonight we weren’t “done” with her room.

Our friends Kim and Jeremy kindly gave us a shelf (not a normal shelf, a super-engineered omni-shelf) to use above Bree’s bed.  The shelf was originally meant to hold the picture we drew in the sand for Bree on our latest vacation.  Of course, once it was up we put as much on it as we could.  Thanks Kim and Jeremy, pics follow but to really get a feel for how nice this thing is you’ll just have to see it in person!

Written on September 4th, 2008 , Bree

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