I put the kids down for their afternoon nap and about 20 minutes later, Bree walks out and says she can’t sleep because there is a beeping noise in her room…I go to check it out and discover that it’s a chirping bird. Well of course we get into a lengthy discussion about what it means to chirp, where birds live, where does a bird egg come from, do birds get back in the egg every night, etc.
I got her laid back down and she presents her cute little self just a few minutes later and says to me “mom we just gonna have to kill that bird or something, it just won’t stop, it’s telling me thanks but it’s not a good time for you to sleep now!”

Written on August 6th, 2012 , Bree, Kid Quotes Tags:

Every night when we tuck Bree into bed we tell her, “If you need anything just call us.” Recently she has taken to repeating that back to me as I’m leaving her room. Tonight, she said:

“Dad, if you need anything just call me and I’ll help you. If you and mommy find a huge spider in your room, just kill that all by yourself, don’t call me for that.”

Written on June 16th, 2012 , Kid Quotes

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