I am so excited about the warm weather we are getting this weekend!  The warm weather is like New Years to me because its like a fresh start with fun new things to come!  I believe this could be the best summer I have ever had since I have my sweet little girl to share it with.  I envision going to the park to swing, picnics with Donnie and Bree, swimming at Mimi’s house, ballpark days with all the Garvich’s taking up the entire set of bleachers, oh and lets not forget about the ice cream!!!  My nana and papa instilled a love of ice cream in me early on and it has never left and I don’t plan on letting it!!  Another thing I love is the excitment of planning and going on our family vacation, I instantly feel the sand under my feet, the sound of the crashing waves and the warm sun on my skin!  I don’t really think of anything other than the beach when I think of summer vacation.  Those are some my best childhood memories!  Mom and dad always went all out for vacation and made it all about me and Wendy having the best time possible, which made it fun for them.  I get that now…Bree is our joy!  Well I hope I have inspired thoughts of what your perfect summer might be and set you on the path to creating it!!!

Written on March 4th, 2009 , Announcements

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