What great weather we’ve been having here in Birmingham, AL. It’s not too hot to enjoy sitting outside in the evening and not so cold that you have to bundle up. Plus, it smells like baseball outside, my favorite time of year.

So what better time for little DJ to have a little while outside with big sister. Bree made mud-pie dinner and DJ did his best Jedi impersonation. Pics below.

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So it was up to us to show up at the hospital at 8:00PM tonight to get started on introducing our latest family addition to the world. This is the whole story…


We arrived at the hospital on time and got primo parking. We wondered around for a little bit until we found a nursing station and learned where we were supposed to be. When we arrived there was a line. A line to have babies, how awesome!

Our nurse, Lindsey, is really nice and there’s a Yankees / Red Sox game to watch. So, let’s get this party started!


We’re settled in and Mel is hooked up to all the monitors and stuff. We’re still shooting for a tomorrow AM delivery, but we’re hoping things will move quickly. When I ran down to the truck to get our bags I took a picture from the deck.


All hooked up, appropriate medications have been applied. Now, we wait. And hope for some miracle where both the Yankees AND the Red Sox lose this game.

Here’s a picture of pre-labor Mel:


My kingdom for a Sprite! So with all the recent media attention on health care costs and $300 Tylenol you would think those willing to pay $1.25 for a Sprite could land one. Not the case, however, when you’re dealing with a Coke machine that was originally intended for the 7th circle of hell.

I mean, disregarding the terribly creepy image of a doctor… ON A COKE MACHINE… you would think an organization as advanced as a top-tier American hospital could figure out the whole coin-op thing. Well, apparently they can’t. And while they’re at it, the thing won’t return your money. So I’m out $1.25 on top of whatever other expenses I accrue. Know what’s even BETTER? It’s Easter Sunday, the hospital cafe’s are closed. So now I’m going to wonder the halls until I either figure out how to get a Sprite or an orderly mistakes me for one of the characters in “The Shining” and treats me accordingly.


I can has Sprite! I went rogue ninja eyelaser pirate and found another Coke machine, this one without the creepy doctor on it, and used the last of my change to get a Sprite, as pictured below:

Along the way I noticed this sign on a door:

This made me wonder, is a door that is never opened even a door? Or is it just a fancy wall?

Oh, in other news, Mel has started having contractions. 😉


Sprite and crackers consumed. 🙂

Things are progressing… slowly. Time to catch a little sleep before we ate ready for the big show!


Mel is in a “great contraction pattern” and a doctor (not her doctor) came on and broke her water. Time to get a move on, little guy!


Wendy, Zoey and little Christopher showed up and brought me some breakfast. Jack’s biscuit, yeah! Now I have to figure out how to track down a drink…

Mel is in a little more pain with her contractions now. We’re ready for little guy to get here.


Zoey and I grabbed some Starbuck. Need… Caffeine!


Mel just asked our new nurse, Erica, for an epidural. The contractions are really strong and close together now.


Epidural is in and active, Mel is feeling a lot better now and is able to relax a little.




Dr. Heath came in and checked on Mel, she said it’s time to start pushing! Here we go!


The room is set up and everything is a go. Go go gadget Mel!


DJ is here! Everything is great, mom and baby are doing awesome.

Donald Joseph Garvich, III – born April 5th, 2010 at 10:17AM. 21 inches long, 7 pounds 1 ounce.

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Well, this Easter is particularly special. A little sad since it marks the last night I’ll ever tuck Bree into bed as an only child.

Of course, putting her cute little basket together helped! 🙂


Bree loves her basket! She spent a good while looking over everything, putting on her jewelry and breaking apart every egg she could find. And after begging me ti turn her Etch-A-Sketch “on” she proceeded to play with the plastic grass… It never ceases to amaze me how much enjoyment kids get out of the simple things. It makes me think that spending huge amounts of time and money trying to “wow” them with gifts is missing the point. Either way, our baby loved the basket we put together for her and we loved watching her eyes and little face while she explored it. Now to get ready and head to family events!


We made it over to Mel’s parent’s house for lunch. What a perfect day for spending some time outside!


Hiding the eggs! Time to hide Easter eggs for Bree and Zoey! The hunt is on!


Time for Easter with the Garvichs!

Written on April 3rd, 2010 , Holidays

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