As of today, according to the doctor we just got home from visiting, Mel is 7 weeks and 5 days along in her pregnancy.  The past couple of weeks have been pretty tough on her, showing us what it’s like to live with the VERY poorly named “morning sickness.”  It should be named “all the time every day all week and all night sickness.”  The doctor told us this was normal, so no worries.  She also gave Mel some medication to hopefully help with it a little bit.

Today’s visit was really interesting because it was our first sonogram.  I had talked to some friends and they had mentioned that the first time they heard the heart beat was the first time they bonded with their baby.  I experienced that too, it was really, really cool.

Of course, with our first sonogram comes the ability to share the first picture of our baby with all our friends and family…

First Ultrasound

As you can see, our nurse took some creative freedom with the photograph to point out the subject of the photograph more clearly.  When you’re seeing it live, you can actually see the little heart beating which is really cool.

I talked to some other friends, those who don’t have children and haven’t ever seen all the pictures the expectant mother shows the father during each week of the pregnancy.  They all seem to be curious about how the baby looks right now.  So to help those friends out, I’m including a full color picture of what the baby looks like as of today…


As you can see, I took some creative freedom of my own to point out the subject of the photograph more clearly.  When you see these live you don’t normally see the heart beat…

Hopefully one of the pictures helps you to see the new addition to the Garvich family a little more clearly.  If not… Leave a comment and I’ll look for more pictures to help illustrate the point.

Written on February 6th, 2008 , Bree

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