As I sit here, with Thanksgiving 2009 winding down and Mel in Bree’s room trying to get the little one to fall asleep (she’s cutting teeth… molars even… quite the job for her little body), I’m reminded of what this holiday is really all about.

In truth, there’s simply no way to sum up the things I am truly thankful for in a way that would fit into words. Of course there’s the usual, family, counry, job, etc. But in the end, I’m simply thankful… for everything, and at the same time for nothing specific, and that’s why this is my favorite holiday.

We’d do well to keep an attitude of gratitude in our daily lives and not just one day of the year. Being thankful for, and content with what you have, no matter what that is, should be a daily goal. It would make us all happier on a much more consistent basis and it’s likely to make those around us respond to us in a more positive way, making everyone happier! There’s just really no downside to being routinely content and happy.

If nothing else, the goal itself is noble.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Written on November 26th, 2009 , Holidays

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