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Today is Mel’s birthday, we celebrated by having Daddy and the kids make Mommy a birthday cake. 😛



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Father: A son’s first hero, daughter’s first love

The day started with gifts, coffee and breakfast (pancakes, eggs and bacon). Then watching some Guitar Center sessions with the kids (Blondie and Colbie Caillat).

Lunch and swimming with my in-laws, Mel’s mom and dad while the NASCAR race in Michigan is in rain delay.

Burgers, dogs and kiddie races at my parent’s house. Oh, and catching lightning bugs for the first time.



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Bree was pretty excited about getting to see Santa this year, constantly telling us that she wanted to sit in his lap.  She was excited, in fact, right up until about 10 seconds before she was supposed to actually have her picture made.  The situation ended up with me hanging with Santa and the kids hanging with me… but the picture still turned out pretty good!

Santa: 2010

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This Thanksgiving marks the first time ever that Mel and I haven’t spent the holiday with our families.  As it turns out, both kids are sick and there was just no way they were A) going to be able to hold up to the festivities and; B) avoid being like little carrier monkeys and passing along their sickness to other people.  So we opted to stay at home.  We’re making the best of it, enjoying being together and wearing pajamas in our cozy little home.  We have SO much to be thankful for.

While there won’t be a big update with a bunch of family pictures, there IS a brand spanking new video of DJ crawling for the first time ever, which happened last night.  Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving!

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Well, this Easter is particularly special. A little sad since it marks the last night I’ll ever tuck Bree into bed as an only child.

Of course, putting her cute little basket together helped! 🙂


Bree loves her basket! She spent a good while looking over everything, putting on her jewelry and breaking apart every egg she could find. And after begging me ti turn her Etch-A-Sketch “on” she proceeded to play with the plastic grass… It never ceases to amaze me how much enjoyment kids get out of the simple things. It makes me think that spending huge amounts of time and money trying to “wow” them with gifts is missing the point. Either way, our baby loved the basket we put together for her and we loved watching her eyes and little face while she explored it. Now to get ready and head to family events!


We made it over to Mel’s parent’s house for lunch. What a perfect day for spending some time outside!


Hiding the eggs! Time to hide Easter eggs for Bree and Zoey! The hunt is on!


Time for Easter with the Garvichs!

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Also known as my youngest sister’s 18th birthday, we spent the evening hanging with my family and ringing in a new decade… And a new birthday.

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Everyone was pretty tired yesterday, and with Mel sick most of the day was spent hanging out and resting. But last night Bree got 12 hours of sleep and was eager to play with her new toys this morning. So we set up her table and she played for a LONG time with her new cooking toys.

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Merry Christmas everyone! Here’s hoping that your holiday finds you well and that Christmas is a fitting and happy end to this decade for your family.

We started this year’s Christmas festivities by opening our gifts to and from each other on Christmas Eve, Bree had a blast, and loves her vacuum cleaner and guitar, in particular. I’m either going to have to get her used to the keyboard or get Chip to give her guitar lessons, we’ll see. 😉

Christmas day started with Bree playing with all the gifts that Santa brought, her favorites appeared to be her hair dryer and the huge bag of play balls we got her for her play gym.

Next we headed to Mel’s parents house for breakfast and some early Christmas fun. The breakfast was (as always) awesome and got our stomachs in gear for a full day of overindulgence.

After breakfast we headed to my parent’s house to hang out until a late lunch. Bree got her sunglasses early and loved them, along with what will undoubtedly not be her last encounter with cheese balls. After a relaxing lunch we headed downstairs for the traditional gift exchanging, a good time was had by all.

Once gifts were exchanged, it was time to head back to Mel’s parent’s house for gifting and dinner. Upon arrival Bree was introduced to Pimento Cheese… She loves it. After many spoonfuls of Pimento Cheese were consumed we exchanged gifts, watching the kids open their present is tooo much fun.

Then came dinner, where we decided that maybe Bree was big enough to graduate from the high chair to the kid’s table. She was having a blas right up until she fell head first from the chair. She’s fine, of course, but not nearly as big of a fan of the kid’s table as she once was.

After dinner it was time for reminiscing, catching up and eventually wishing everyone well. In the end, it was another wonderful Christmas with the Garvichs.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Written on December 25th, 2009 , Holidays

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