Well, I guess not technically we, but at least Mel is. It turns out that sometime around September 20th we will be making an addition to our family… and tax exemptions… and extra room… and dog’s stress level.

I think just about everyone who checks our blog has already been told in person, so I’m finally getting to post here so I can document the occasion.

We had our first doctor’s visit this past week which turned out to be a nice opportunity for me to meet a new doctor in my life and for us to confirm that we were, in fact, on our way to having a baby.

Of course, I’m sure the blog will go from being an “occasionally posted to by Donnie” area to a “always being posted to by Mel” area so stay tuned for the latest in pictures over on our sidebar (via Flickr).

Written on January 27th, 2008 , Announcements, Bree

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