Tonight we made our annual pumpkin pilgrimage to our friends’ Dano and Pam’s house to once again test our abilities against the best in… Dano and Pam’s back yard.

As always, a great time was had, great food was eaten and many pumpkins realized their glorious destiny.

Melanie did the one in the top row, middle, which is the cat and pumpkin sitting in a window. Mine is the emoticon wink which is the second from the left which turned out to be an artist favorite but didn’t get much attention from the judges. Fortunately this year was the first year in which a recount wasn’t demanded by at least one of the competitors, so controversy was avoided altogether.

It was a great time and we have already started planning our pumpkins for next year!

Pumpkin Carving Party Lineup - 2007

Written on October 27th, 2007 , Holidays, Parties

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