Normally when we’ve been on vacation for a while we’re ready to head home once our time is coming to an end. Grand Cayman, to date, is the only exception to that rule. We would have loved to stay for a little longer (or a lot, as long as we had the funds to live like we were rock stars). Instead, we got up Friday morning and got our things together and ready to head home. We said goodbye to our hotel room and headed downstairs to tell our new friends goodbye for now.

Mel and Doreen

Unfortunately for us, the road home was going to be a far cry from the paradise we had wrapped ourselves up in for the past few days. The moment we stepped out of the cab at the Grand Cayman airport Spirit Airlines was there to greet us with 2+ hour waits in rooms with no air conditioning. The first wait was… again… to check our bags. Once we had that out of the way we breezed through security and headed to the plane.

Me escaping the airport

The Airplane

Then it was on to Ft. Lauderdale airport where we had left ourselves 2 and a half hours to catch our plane to Orlando (a Southwest plane, so we had to pick up our luggage and recheck it with the new airline) and from there we had 50 minutes to catch our plane to Birmingham. Spirit Airlines had another idea, however. After waiting in a customs line for over 2 hours we were in a panic to get our bags at the Spirit baggage claim and get all the way across the airport to the Southwest terminal. So we were sprinting through the airport and the parking garage to finally get to the Southwest counter and have the first associate demand that we stand in line (the line was one person long). Luckily, two other associates helped us get things in order and called down to hold the plane for us. We got on the plane with no food, no drink for the past few hours and sweating from having stood in 5 hours of lines with no air conditioning in the Grand Cayman and Florida heat… we got to the plane with 4 minutes to spare before takeoff.

On the plane, the flight attendant heard our story and showered us with peanuts and snack packs which was great because that was probably the only thing which kept Mel from having a blood sugar spike.

The rest of the trip was, as it should have been, a pleasure as Southwest saw us all the way home where landed right back into reality with paradise now nothing but a memory.

Written on August 10th, 2007 , Grand Cayman, Travel

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    Kim commented

    It sure sounds like yall had a great trip! I am so glad Grand Caymen once again lived up to your expectations! What a wonderful way to celebrate 8 wonderful years together. I can’t wait to hear about all the little details!

    Love yall

    August 13, 2007 at 6:59 am

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