I’ve never been to any other islands in the Carribean, so I can’t speak to whether they are as laid back as Grand Cayman.  But I can definitely tell you that Grand Cayman forces you to relax whether you want to or not (which was precisely why we came here).

In our case, we were more than willing to comply.  Luckily for us, our first full day on the island was a Sunday.  We learned from our new friend (a local who works in one of the shops in the Westin) that on Sunday everything shuts down and locals all use the day to relax with family.  With that in mind we planned to spend the entire day ordering room service, watching television and relaxing around the hotel.  You know… when in Rome and all that.

Even the best laid out plans sometimes fail… but our plans turned into sleep, sleep and more sleep unexpectedly when we didn’t wake up until 1:00PM.  As it turns out, Westin puts a lot of time and effort into their sleep accommodations.  The room was pitch black dark, the bed was absolutely the most comfortable I had ever been in and the white noise that was generated drowned out enough of the other noises that we had 14 or so hours of undisturbed sleep.  I guess we needed it!

Once we finally started waking up, room service was prompt and absolutely delicious… both for “lunch” and dinner.

Written on August 5th, 2007 , Grand Cayman, Travel

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